What to Expect

This entry is going to be quite short and I’m doing it more for my sake than anything else. I’m going to outline, roughly, what I’d like to accomplish in the coming weeks. The way I figure, publishing it in a blog will hold me accountable. Kind of like the buddy system.

At this time, I have just sent one story out for submission and am finishing up another one I will be submitting as well. Judging by my current pace that means I should be able to complete something new, just for the blog, in a week or two.

However, because I’d like to get some work up a bit sooner, I have another idea. My computer is chock full of stories I wrote during college. Most of them were for class and most of them are terrible. But most of them are also short. So what I’m going to do is start revisiting each of them, heavily editing them, and then posting them here. I plan on aiming for posting one every two to three days or so. I also have a few poems I can do the same with.

So, if you read this, do me a favor. Be my buddy. And if you don’t see at least one poem and one story on here three days from now, leave and never come back. That’ll teach me.



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