Timmy Becomes a Spaceman and Closer to God

Obviously, it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything new. I am not posting as fast as I would like but I am currently working on a few “reviews” of various books and movies which will be put up over the cource of next week. Also, later tonight I will post a short story entitled “Timmy Becomes a Spaceman.” The story is finished but I would like to do one more pass on it just to be sure.

As far as Closer to God goes, I have not forgotten about the series and have every intention of continuing it. Expect Episode 3 this weekend or next week. I’m having a lot of fun writing it so far so I hope whoever is reading it is enjoying it as well. Kaleidoscope, on the other hand, has taken a back seat to everything else. I hope to continue the story at some point but there will be no new no content for it in the near future.

If you’re reading this post I hope you’ll check out my other stuff, if you haven’t already. Hopefully, there is something there that interests you. But, as I recently started this blog, there is not much going on yet so if you’d like to recommend a particular genre of story or a review of a book, movie, game, or whatever else just let me know. Feel free to check back later for my new short story, “Timmy Becomes a Spaceman”. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and take care!



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