50 Word Story Experiments

Recently, I came across a website called 50 Word Stories (http://fiftywordstories.com/). It’s pretty self explanatory, they publish flash stories that must be fifty words or shorter. From the first to the sixteenth of each month they accept submissions and those they take are published that same month. Not only is it a fun site to visit everday and read a quick story (or twenty) but the challenge of writing a 50 word story is enjoyable as well. On the first of this month I sent in a story and while I can’t put that one up here yet, I have a few others I wrote but did not submit (they only allow one submission per month). So, here they are, enjoy!


I wake to the incessant ring of my doorbell, instead of my alarm clock.


I peer out windows,

through parted curtains,

no one’s there.

I am in the kitchen when there’s a knock at the door.

A repairman says, “I’m here to fix you’re doorbell.”



My house is infested with insects. Roaches, spiders, centipedes.

I don’t mind, but people say I should call the exterminator.

I get one on the phone, “It won’t be cheap, we charge by the bug.”

They work fast and leave faster. I find the bill on my table.




I receive a bill in the mail, it’s overpriced by ten bucks.

I call customer service. I’m on hold for five minutes.


A woman answers. She takes her time accessing my account.


She says, “Your bill’s correct.”

“How can that be?”

“Customer service is a dollar per minute.”



This hospital is filled with mirrors. Every time I see one, I stop and look.

Somedays, I go from room to room, pausing only to watch myself in each mirror.

I meet with my doctor, he always ask questions that confuse me. Like, “What do you see outside those windows?”

If you’re looking for a writing challenge I would definitely suggest trying to write a piece for this website. However, I would recommend reading a few before you start just to get a feel for it.

Closer to God: Episode Four is in the pipeline so keep an eye-out! It’s looking like this will be a five part series so we’re almost to the end. I’m hoping to doing something a little more creative for the “season finale” so more on that is coming. Still reading The Bone Clocks so that review is a little while away but I watched Bone Tomahawk (lots of bone’s this week) the other day so keep an eye for that as well. Looking long-term I have something different planned after Closer to God is wrapped up and I’m about to start a story on which I am collaborating with a friend. So lot’s of excitement, for me at least. Thanks to everyone who checked this post out, leave a like so I can visit your page as well! Oh and…

Happy Indepedence Day!


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