What’s Next

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who followed my Closer to God series. I hope you enjoyed reading it because I really enjoyed writing it. To date, it is certainly the largest project I have undertaken (and actually completed). Hopefully, any inconsistencies¬†or sloppiness did not detract from the story. I was writing it episodically, so I was also discovering the story as we went. My plan now is to smooth the story out and make it into one whole piece as opposed to the five seperate episodes. I’m going to attempt to get it published and maybe one day we’ll be able to read it in print!

As for what’s next, I have something a bit different planned. In my last semester of school I compiled a long poem for my final portfolio. The poem is entitled Blank Space and it was my attempt to explore the many forms and ideas I’d encountered over the semester. I have not written a ton of poetry, so I’m sure it is a bit rough around the edges. The poem itself is made up of a couple dozen parts, some of which relate to each other. The overall theme of the poem is paradoxes which I decided to use because I see poetry as a kind of paradoxical form of writing. Basically, language is supposed to make communication easier and it often seems like poetry goes out of its way to make the communication of its ideas harder. If everything goes according to schedule there will be one part of the poem uploaded every day for the next two weeks or so.

Besides struggling to get the form of each poem to appear correctly on the page I will not be doing much else but copying and pasting each section from my manuscript. So, I plan on starting my next project asap! This way, once the poem is finished I will have a head start on my next story which means it will not take me as long to post each episode and the story should come across alot smoother.

Again, thank you very much to everyone who read Closer to God and happy writing!



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